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Shang & Co.,我們明白,對於非監護父母或未與子女同住的父母,無論是在離婚前、離婚中還是離婚後,與子女有足夠的探視(訪問)時間是非常重要的。這不僅是為了確保父母的利益,更重要的是確保孩子的利益。兒童不應與另一位父母疏遠,因為這會對兒童的福祉產生不利影響,除非該父母對兒童的福利和安全構成危險。然後需要獲得針對此類父母的保護令和/或監督訪問。

在Shang & Co.,我們將孩子的最大利益和福祉放在首位,並與我們的客戶合作,實現均衡的共同養育時間表,以確保父母雙方都能履行父母的義務,孩子們能夠在一個良好的環境中成長。健康的環境。父母之間的離婚不應給孩子帶來任何負擔。



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拿督 Chris Chin




  • Family & Matrimonial Law
    KEY AREAS: Financial Provisions for Wife & Children International Family Law Children Abduction, Citizenship & Protection Claiming & Defending Adultery Family Litigation & Mediation Domestic Violence (Protection & Damages Claim for Wife, Husband & Children) Trace, Discover, Divide & Settlement of Assets Contested Divorce (Adultery, Children Custody & Maintenance, Visitation Rights, Wife Maintenance) Variation of Orders Enforcement of Orders Dato' Fion Wong has been focusing in Family & Matrimonial Law since her first year of practice. She has successfully represented her clients in the High Court and Appellate Courts for contested custody applications and maintenance claims for both the wife and children, matrimonial assets divisons, enforcement and variations orders, injunctions and protection orders, She has then dedicated her years of practice focusing in Family & Matrimonial Law and had successfully dealt with complex Family Law matters such as cross-border child abduction, international children adoption & citizenship,domicile disputes for international families, protection & damages for victims of domestic violence i.e. wife, children & husband and other related contested divorce & separation issues. ​ She has advised and represented more than 600 cases involving Family & Matrimonial Law for both local and international families. Throughout her extensive experience she had represented clients from different walk of life that includes individuals, and high net worth individuals that involves tracing, discovering, division and settlement of complex and wide range of assets within and outside the jurisdiction of Malaysia, and situted in off-shore such as properties, company shares, trusts, and other assets. Being an innovative lawyer with interest in technology, she has led Shang & Co. to create the first Artificial Intelligence Legal Assistant ("AILA") in Asia to be able to guide the firm's clients in court proceedings and family & matrimonial matters. She is the author for Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malaysia, that is often referred by judiciary and legal practitioners in Malaysia. She is also a contributing author for Malaysia Chapter in International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) for Family Law 2017 (1st Edition)
  • Employment Law
    Dato Fion has been advising and representing employers and employees for employment & industrial relations matter for employment contracts, unfair dismissal claims, wrongful dismissal & constructive dismissal, reinstatement, termination, downsizing and is often assisting corporate clients in domestic inquiries, drafting and reviewing hand books and company policies and PIP for improvement of peformance. She is the co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Legal Assistant ("AILA"), the record holder of Malaysia's First AI Legal Assistant of Malaysia Book of Records to assist employers in solving employment legal matters by providing them with proper guidance and documents.
  • Private Wealth & Family Businesses
    Dato Fion has advised and represented many successful business owners, high net worth individuals, and families in Malaysia for their private matters and family businesses. Her extensive experience in helping private clients and their businesses especially in Malaysia gives her client overall advantage in both their private & business capacity. She is one of the few lawyers in Malaysia to draft and negotiate pre & post nuptials agreements for local & international families in Malaysia with global (especially in Asia & Europe) and substantial assets which requires vast experience, knowledge and tact. Her strong and in-depth knowledge in rich practice areas together with her team and partners of diversified professional background such as taxation and financial planning in Malaysia and other South East Asia countries, confers protection to her clients and their families and successors.
  • Succession, Trust, Will & Estate Planning
    Dato Fion and her team has been advising her clients in trust for estate planning, tax planning and asset protection tool. She frequently advises clients in probate matters which include disputes on challenges to the validity of wills, construction of wills, advising beneficiaries for inspection of documents, acting for beneficiaries in the removal of trustees.


Handbook on Family Law Practice in Malay

作者:Dato Chris & Dato Fion


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