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Online Defamation

Defamation in the Cyberspace

The Growing Concern of Online Defamation

With the advent of a variety of internet communications, such as e-mails, chat groups, online forums, blogs, social media platforms, and reviews available on Google or other sites, individuals are able to simply publish and distribute any type of information or content to the public instantly. Unfortunately, unscrupulous persons can use these digital platforms very easily to harm and damage the reputation of an individual or business.

What is Online Defamation?

Online defamation is a type of defamation that occurs when someone makes a false and defamatory statement online, involving the internet. This could include posting false information on social media (.e. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tik Tok) writing a false negative review (i.e. Google, Tripadvisor, Glassdoor) on a website, sending an email, text messages (i.e. SMS, Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger, Line or any other form of online communication), including any visuals or audios to a third party with defamatory content. For more information about defamation click here.

Who is Capable of Making Online Defamation?


Anyone can be responsible for making defamatory statements online. However, most libel and slander are related to personal grudges, either related to business or personal interaction. This can include:-

  • Former business partners;

  • Former intimate partners;

  • Disgruntled former employees;

  • Current employees;

  • Angry customers;

  • Business competitors;

  • Any party responsible for publishing the defamatory contents, whether directly or indirectly;

  • Any party responsible for distributing or sharing the defamatory contents.



How We Can Help You?


If you think that your reputation may be harmed or injured or that you have suffered losses and damages from false statements published online in cyberspace, our partner-led team of lawyers are able to do assist you with:- 

  • Removing Defamatory Content in Search Engine, Sites or Platform

  • Issue Cease & Desist Letter

  • Obtain Issuance of Apology

  • Request/Order to Amend

  • Obtain Injunction

  • Claim Damages

Acting swiftly after discovering defamatory or malicious false statements about you or your business in the cyberspace is essential. Contact us here.

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