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Reputational Risk Management

Managing Reputational Risk To Prevent & Mitigate Harm to Reputation

Managing Reputational Risk

Reputational risk management is a long-term strategy deployed with proactive efforts to prevent or minimise harm to reputation and potential damage and loss. When it comes to managing reputational risk, we will support our clients with  strategies and legal risk assessments.


For example, to guide you through publications or public statements, complaints made against the company by an employee or client, or the impacts of a regulatory investigation. We take a broad view of the issues to reduce the immediate risk, including the development of public-facing communications strategies or active engagement with key stakeholders, including regulatory bodies.

Proactive brand management includes managing the online reputation and identity of the business. Defamation and reputation specialists will assist to remove defamatory material from the internet and social media. And we can unearth the identities of anonymous publications and help minimise unwarranted criticism of your business.

Reputation Risk and Defamation or Malicious Publication

Defamation is often considered, one of the most significant reputational risks. Posting untrue statements online, investigative journalism and consumer television programmes often pose a risk to the good reputation of a business where the intervention of lawyers might be necessary to help manage either a forthcoming reputational risk or an ongoing situation where mitigation is required. 

Our lawyers have a huge amount of experience in advising and assisting businesses about reputational risks throughout the process of the creation and post broadcast creating, the broadcasting of documentaries and TV programmes by investigative journalists, such as Panorama, InsideOut and Dispatches as well as journalistic publications by the all the mainstream UK newspapers.

Reputation Risk and Employees


Often, one of the most serious reputational risks comes in fact from within the organisation. Disgruntled employees who might or might not have a legitimate reason for a grievance, are a source of information which could cause significant reputational harm to the business.

From a legal perspective, this type of reputational risk can and should be managed by expert lawyers who should preferably get involved with reputational aspects of employment contracts and with any other employment law issue which may arise from time to time within the organisation.

Our reputational risk lawyers have deal with dozens of cases involving internal reputational risk and have successfully assisted large number of organisations with the successful management or such reputational risk.


If you have any questions about your situation and want to learn more about how our lawyers can help you, contact Shang & Co.


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